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  • Domoclip

    Domoclip® products are designed to improve on and simply your everyday lives in the domains of the kitchen and the home.

  • Clipsonic Technology

    Clip Sonic Technology® offers a wide variety of innovative products based on existing trends, and which standout by their innovative nature, both at the level of design and technologies. Clip Sonic Technology® renews its range of products yearly, based on latest market trends.

  • Wine & Cie®

    Wine & Cie® is a brand completely dedicated to the universe of wine. The flagship products of this range are wine cellars. The brand is also specialized in all accessories around the wine. With Wine and Cie®, your wine is in good hands !

  • Be Nomad®

    Be Nomad® is a young promising brand, evolving in the field of the outdoor and recreation. Be Nomad® products are designed for the lovers of the open-air: backpack picnics, electric barbecues,lunch box, mugs … Go exploring !

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